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Welcome !

The Teens Personals Network™ welcomes you. Please read the information following as it explains what will occur when you place a membership profile and an advertisement.

Firstly, I am proud of what I am building. It has taken a lot of blood, sweat, tears and heartbreak to get this far and the sites will be going on to bigger and better things in the future.

Secondly, I am committed to expanding The Personals Network™ and The Teens Personals Network™ in a planned way over a period of time.

Lookout World !  - The Teens Personals Network™ is coming !

Your Membership Profile.

When you first enter the new site, you are placed in the care of a program that will take you through the steps of placing a membership profile.
You must answer all the questions correctly and honestly.

We have a fully functional site with thousands of ads - and growing fast !

Much of the information you submit is not displayed for Privacy reasons. You and I cqan see the details but no one else can. AND - to make is safer, some information is either encoded or encrypted.
Please read the privacy statement so you can see what we are doing with your information.

I require membership information for several reasons, but mainly to comply with certain laws - i.e. The Online Services Bill 1999 - and to enable us to contact you via several means as well as you being able to identify yourself adequately if required. I also fully comply, or exceed the requirements of, the Privacy Protection Act 2001.

More importantly,  when we run our competitions (coming !), you will need to be able to prove that the winning membership exactly matches the person claiming the prize.

So make sure the information IS correct !!

Your visible profile will be under your control. I am committed to doing that.


What happens then ?

When the Members Profile is complete and submitted, the profile is queued for approval by the webmaster. It is therefrore 'Pending' my approval of or my declining the details offered.
The information is checked and any inconsistencies or problems identified.
Most profiles are fine and required no action except approval, but if your membership is declined you will need to review the details you supplied and fix the problems. You will generally NOT be told of the specific problem but most problems are very obvious.
While I respect your desire for privacy, by the same token, I also require teens to supply me with the information I ask so as to identify them if required to do so by the authorities.
Saying "ask me" is not answering as I have already asked !!
When I see anything like that the profile is declined without any further consideration.

Assuming your membership was approved, you can then log into the site and place your personal Ad.
Again, any Ad or change to an Ad is queued for approval by the webmaster.
Make sure you do NOT put any contact details in the Ad !! This is to prevent malicious use of the site by dishonest people with a grudge or by spammers and the like.

Why do I do it this way ??

It isn't to restrict you, nor to 'censor' you. It is to maintain a high standard whereby the site is easy and pleasant to go through and a reasonable standard maintained.
The same standard that gave the 'old' 'Teens Personals' site the excellent name and reputation it has.




Photo's are supported and you can have up to TWO photos per Ad. Simply send the photo to me where directed on the Ad placement page ('Insert New Ad') including the information specified.
!!IMPORTANT!! The Photos MUST be sent from your registered email address

Other 'Stuff'

I make absolutely no judgment on anyone. I don't care if you are hetro, bisexual, gay, lesbian or whatever. All I am concerned with is that you are seeking another person and that you are a Teen (Specified as ages 13 to 19 inclusive).
People-Seeking-People™ is one of the Trademarks.

The Teens site is for 13-19 year olds ONLY. I will be totally unforgiving if adults enter or try to enter the TEENS Site.

Also, the TEENS site will always be FREE !  Yes. That's right - FREE.

Teens 13 to19 are NOT to enter or try to enter the adult site. It is unlawful to do so and I will take measures necessary to find and take action on persons who do so.

As far as the rest goes, smutty, aggressive or antagonistic ads will be rejected. There is no place for those on this site.

Gratuitous 'language' will not be approved. I don't mind the odd well placed word used in it's correct context but this is not a platform for promoting unnecessary 'coarse' language either.
I'm not pure, nor religious. I don't want to dictate but at the same time, I demand a reasonable standard be maintained at all times. I am the judge of that standard. That's the way it is.
What you do in your own time, off-site is your own business and not mine.

Anything relating to drugs, pedophilia, bestiality or other unlawful activities may result in lifetime bans and a report to the authorities. I reserve the right at all times to divulge members information to the relevant and lawfully constituted authorities.

Adults (over20) gaining entry to the Teens site will be reported to the relevant authorities.

I am serious about preventing this site being used for child exploitation and pedophilia !

If you turn 20, let me know by email from your registered email address and I will transfer your membership to the Adult site.

In the meantime - It's ALL FREE for you to use.

Remember Teens - You should report any Adults contacting you through this site to me immediately so I can take appropriate steps to prevent harm to you or any other Teen Member.
Alternatively, tell your parents or your local police. I am quite happy to liaise with authorities regarding protecting Teen Members from predators.
I had my own experience at age 12 and I never want any other young person to go through it - or worse. :((

I am available from time-to-time on ICQ - UIN 17443364. I welcome  suggestions and knowing of any problems. Feel free to send me questions as well. Abuse is trashed.

Okay - that's all for now. Take care everybody.

Now - On to the good stuff . .. . . . .

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ADULTS (20+year old) your login page is HERE.

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